Superior receiver performance

The IC-M604 has excellent receive specifications* which allow a weak signal a better chance of being heard when louder signals are around it. The powerful 5.0W (typical) audio output from the front facing speaker further increases the audibility and quality of received calls.
* More than 80dB for intermodulation rejection and adjacent channel selectivity, and 0.22μV (typical) high sensitivity.

Large LCD with dot-matrix characters

displayThe large full dot-matrix display is designed for optimum readability in any lighting condition. With the extra large font, the channel number is maximized on the display and upper and lower case characters can be easily read.

30 Watt 2-way hailer capability

When connected to an external hailer horn, communication with other boats, deck or dock hands is easy. The built-in 30W amplifier increases your talk power making your message loud and clear. Four foghorn patterns are also available.


Submersible construction
(1m depth for 30 minutes)

The IC-M604, including the supplied microphone, withstands submersion in up to 1.0m depth of water for 30 minutes. It is equivalent to IPX7 waterproofing.*
* except cables

Built-in ITU Class-D DSC

No matter what channel you're tuned to, a separate and independent receiver inside the M604 continuously monitors Ch. 70. The 10-keypad allows simple and efficient operation of the DSC emergency functions, vital for your safety at sea.

Position request and position report

Over and above the DSC, your own and other ships´ position data can be exchanged with the position request or position report functions. The received position information can be transferred to external GPS or navigation equipment*. In addition, the polling (request/ reply) function checks whether a specific ship is within the communications range.
* NMEA 0183 format is required.

Improved GPS information indication

Transparent installation imageWhen connecting to an external GPS receiver, the GPS information indication function shows course and speed data as well as position, date and time on the display.

Front and rear panel microphone connection

The speaker microphone can be detached from the front panel and can be connected to the rear panel without any modification. An optional 6.1m (20ft) microphone extension cable, OPC-1000, is available.

On the deckRX speaker function

The RX speaker function, receiver-repeater allows you to monitor the received radio audio from a hailer horn on the deck or tower. You can also make an announcement on-board from the microphone.

Favorite channel function

This function allows quicker channel selection. Set the “TAG” channel to the channels used most often. When pushing the up/down buttons on the speaker microphone, only tagged channels are selected and untagged channels are skipped. The “TAG” scanning function detects only tagged channels.

Other features

  • Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring Ch.16 and/or call channel
  • 7 levels adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • Optional voice scrambler, UT-112 for private communication
  • Weather channels with weather alert function
  • AquaQuake draining function emits a vibrating sound and clears water away from the speaker grill

Optional fully integrated COMMANDMICΙΙΙ


Up to two COMMANDMICIIIs™ can be connected

The optional COMMANDMICIII™ provides a 2nd and/or 3rd station capability to operate the IC-M604 from up to 18.3m* (60ft) away such as the cabin and/or fly bridge.
* Requires use of two optional OPC-1541 extension cables.

Full control and intercom capability

All functions of the IC-M604, including distress call, DSC, and hailer, are available. The intercom function allows you to talk with the IC-M604 or another COMMANDMIC™. Remote power on/off function remotely turns on/off the IC-M604.

Multi-function rotary dial

A newly designed multi-function rotary dial gives you quick and easy access to many IC-M604 settings, including operating channel, volume, squelch, menu settings and more.

Other features

  • Full dot-matrix LCD with 7-step dimmer setting
  • 2.8W (typical) external speaker terminal
  • Submersible PLUS waterproof (1.5m depth for 30 minutes)
  • Extra large 45mm (d) speaker for superior audio

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