Motorola HNN9009AR

Compatible Motorola Radios HT1250, HT1250-LS, HT1550-XLS, HT750, MTX8250-LS, MTX850-LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860, PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, PRO7150, PRO7350, PRO7450, PRO7550, PRO9150
Type/Style Batteries-Standard
Listed Under The Following Manufacturer Part Numbers HNN9009, HNN9009A, HNN9009AR
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Brand Motorola Solutions
Color Black
Warranty Motorola Warranty
Rating 7.2V
Memory Effect No
Requires Maintenance No
Minimum Rated Capacity 1900 mAh
Chemistry NiMH
Intrinsic Safety Standard MSHA
IP Rating IP54
Operating Temperature Range -20C to +60C
Recycling Recommended

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