The T800 two-way radio works just like every other radio by sending information using radio frequencies to keep you connected while off-grid. The secret to the T800 is once your smartphone is connected to your radio over Bluetooth, the TALKABOUT smartphone app enables communication options beyond push-to-talk. The TALKABOUT app uses the T800 as a modem to send messages, locations and more over the radio frequencies to your fellow T800 users. With enhanced communication and more information you enjoy unrivaled connectivity for peace of mind off the cellular grid.

* The range in real-life conditions can be reduced from maximum range. The range quoted is based on optimum conditions with an unobstructed line of sight and without electromagnetic interference.

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lb): 0.47

Dimensions (inches): 7.5 H x 2.2 L x 1.3 W

Performance Characteristics:

Range: up to 35 miles

Easy Pairing: Yes

IP Rating: Weatherproof IPX4

# of Channels: 22 channels + 121 privacy codes

NOAA Weather Channel and Alerts: Yes

Flashlight: Yes

iVOX/VOX Hands-free: Yes

Talkabout App Enabled: Yes

VibraCall™: Yes

Micro-USB Charging: Yes

Emergency Alerts: Yes

Dual Power: Yes

Battery Life (alkaline): up to 25 hours

Battery Life (rechargable NiMH): up to 14 hours

2-Year Warranty

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